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Rainer Hersch's 'All Classical Music Explained' - Live!

Join Rainer Hersch this November in London or Penzance as he tackles all those really perplexing questions about music you never dared to ask…

‘A brilliant touch of comic madness’
– Time Out, London

All Classical Music Explained (ACME for short) is a show to make you laugh – REALLY laugh. It tackles all those musical conundrums you have secretly been pondering over such as: 

‘Why is organ music so boring?’

‘Is the triangle hard?’

What do conductors actually do?’

‘Roll over Beethoven, here’s Hersch’
– Singapore Straits Times

Since 1996, Rainer Hersch has brought this brilliant stand-up solo comedy show with a difference to audiences across the world. On stage is a microphone, a piano and a projector screen. Rainer’s friendly, interactive style immediately engages audiences as he ponders everything from Every Good Boy Deserves Football to Grand Opera.

“…a musical comedian with a difference – he is really funny”
-The Telegraph


All Classical Music Explained

November 3 @ 19:00

Crazy Coqs Cabaret bar

Live at Zédel

20 Sherwood St, London, London W1F 7ED

A glimpse inside London’s iconic Crazy Coqs Cabaret bar:

Live at Zédel
Live at Zédel




All Classical Music Explained

November 8 @ 20:00

Acorn Theatre

Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU

Penzance’s fabulous Acorn Theatre:

Acorn Theatre Penzance
Acorn Theatre Penzance


So don’t worry if you can’t tell a string quartet from a string vest. RELAX: Nobody really needs to know anything and, frankly, with All Classical Music Explained, nobody really learns anything but they have a hell of a time on the way!


  1. Bruno

    Congratulations on your entertaining and very edifying performances and tutorials, and it reminded me of this 1975 performance which is for me a masterpiece of Italian comedy (it is not really English humor, but maybe you could draw some ideas):

  2. Bruno

    Following up to my previous comment, this is the most incredibly exhilarating music show episode I’ve ever seen. That’s incredible because it’s true, that is, to cite the video’s caption, a fantastic way of coping with something that can happen (but mostly doesn’t) during a live performance! 🙂 .

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