Upcoming events from Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch's Victor Borge

Rainer Hersch has some great events coming up this year. Here is taster of some of his highlights – and remember you can buy your tickets online now…

Rainer Hersch’s Classic Greats: Comedy Gold

20 July @ 8pm
Marlborough College, Wiltshire SN8 1PA

6 December @ 5pm
Arosa Humorfestival, Switzerland

The Rainer Hersch Orkestra on tour.  One of Rainer’s most exciting musical adventures features him as conductor of his own nine-piece orchestra with a zany offering of musical comedy and wit guaranteed to have the audience rolling in the aisles.  The Arosa Humorfestival takes place in a circus tent halfway up a ski slope.  If you can’t make that, there is always the beautiful market town of Marlborough…

Rainer Hersch’s Victor Borge

25 September @ 8pm
The Stables, Milton Keynes MK17 8LU

12 October @ 7.30pm
Cadogan Hall, London SW1X 9DQ

The extraordinary life of the brilliant pianist and virtuoso comedian Victor Borge “the funniest man in the world” (NY Times) is retold and his hilarious act re-imagined for the 21st century.  Reigniting the Borge magic, Rainer is joined on stage by BBC Proms solo pianist, Danny Driver and Royal Opera House soprano, Soprano Kristy Swift.

Christmas (Pop) Singalong

Rainer Hersch’s Christmas No 1 Singalong

4 and 5 December @ 8.30pm
Pizza Express, 99 High Holborn, London WC1V 6LF

Rainer and his Orkestra hit this classic live-music venue with a Yuletide treat: a jamboree of classic UK Singles-Chart Christmas No.1’s. Hilarious comic entertainment all served up with award-winning vocalists featuring vocalists Jessica Daley (Maria from the ‘Sound of Music’) and Graham Foote (‘Jersey Boys).

Rainer Hersch Orkestra: New Year’s Eve Bash

31 December @ 7.30pm
Cadogan Hall, London SW1X 9DQ

Following two sellout years and some incredible hi-jinx, Rainer Hersch and the Orkestra return to Cadogan Hall to welcome 2019 with an unforgettable evening of laughter and fab music. It’s a brand new dollop of games, tricks and jokes for conductor, orchestra and audience plus guests from the world of music and comedy.  Absolutely not to be missed.


  1. Rodney Davenport

    Is Mr Hersch ever planning or thinking of coming to Atlanta Georgia?

    1. Rainer Hersch

      Rainer would love to come to the US but dos not have any plans (or offers!) to visit the US at the moment. However, we thank you for your interest and support. Please join his mailing list and, if things change, you will be the first to know.
      Best wishes
      Susanna Gould for Rainer Hersch.

    2. K. Carlson

      If we were able to find a venue that wanted to host him, would he be willing to come? And does it matter what type or how prestigious the venue? Of course nothing too ordinary or “rundown” but would a university or church be okay? I really want to bring him over to California, U.S. now that I have seen his videos! He is amazing and I know so many people here would love him too! I have some ideas of places he could play, email me if he is interested, because I am! Lol.

    3. Stuart McCalley

      We need humor badly here in America. Please come to Boston!!!!

    4. Mark Adams

      Second the above on Boston. What a great reception he would get here! I cannot believe he has had no offers from the States. Honestly, I had never heard of him til I discovered him on YouTube. Now, I can’t stop watching….

    5. Norb Bora

      You have got to come to Chicago, our symphony is anything but funny!

  2. Cevin Cochran

    Please consider Houston, Texas. I just discovered your video’s on YouTube also. I’m sitting here out in the shop, laughing out loud when the Supervisor walks up and wants to know whats going on. I show him, and now he wants to watch the next video.

  3. Mark Adams

    Second on the above for Boston. He would pack them in here. Can’t believe no offers from the States.

  4. Matt Rogers

    Echoing all requests for a US visit- What a treat! Fox theatre- Atlanta

    1. Rodney Davenport

      When, when? Where can we purchase tickets? I love the Fox! Went there for the first time in the mid to late 50s. Look forward to a reply…

  5. Paul Butler

    Australia, please! Particularly Melbourne – I will arrange the venue and put him up in my spare room if necessary.

  6. Jennifer O Letitia

    Come to Connecticut or New York!!!!

  7. Hannah

    Are there any plans to come to Germany (Bavaria, really) any time soon? Pleeeeeeease 🙂

    1. Rainer Hersch

      Rainer will be at the Kurhaus Göggingen on 5th January. Information on the web site. Also, near you, in Reutlingen with orchestra at the end of February for a Faschingskonzert. See you there!

  8. Charlotte Tangstad

    Any shows planned in Norway?

    1. Rainer Hersch

      Not at the moment. We don’t have any contacts in Norway and haven’t received an invitation. Maybe someday soon. Thanks for your support. The Rainer Hersch team.

  9. Ole Kleiner

    I am a very big fan of Rainer and would love to see him in Denmark soon, the home-country of Victor Borge.
    Any chance????
    A friend and I saw him in London on new years eve 2018, it was very very funny, I hope to be able to come again this year (2019)
    Ole from Denmark

  10. DDM

    I have just discovered Rainer Hersch on the internet. What a talent and joy for all ages, though especially a wonderful way to introduce children to this type of music. Great music and comedy mixture. Would love to see him tour Australia.
    Many years ago took my then young children, to a Victor Borge concert here in Brisbane when he visited Australia and have always been a fan.
    Will continue to enjoy the music and comedy of Rainer Hersch and his orchestra via the internet and maybe one day in person.

  11. Terrence Herdahl

    My daughter is going to school in Indianapolis, Indiana and discovered your videos. She brought it home and all we could do was laugh. We love orchestras, Transiberian Orchestra is here every Christmas, and we would love to see you.

    1. Rainer Hersch

      Dear Terrence – thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated as are all comments to this site. Rainer is really happy if his performances have brought you pleasure. He is a unique talent.

  12. Andrew Han

    Please come over to Singapore Esplanade threatre and play as well. I’m sure that your concert will be a sellout!

    1. Rainer Hersch

      Rainer would love to. Waiting for an invitation…

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