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Comedy & Classical Music

Rainer Hersch, the charismatic conductor and comedian can bring his innovative and exciting programs to your orchestra. His conducting, pianism, and comedic showmanship have captivated literally tens of Millions of YouTube across the world.  “Not since Victor Borge has a musician-comedian raised the roof with such continuous laughter” (Vancouver Sun). To find out more about Rainer, explore his website here.

Ready-to-go Programs: (click on link to see concert listing)

Other programmes: With Choir; Educational; Programmes for children; 9-player chamber versions (the Rainer Hersch Orkestra)

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish

Enquiries: rainerhersch@masterpiece.me.uk


“A guaranteed laugh every four bars” (Scotsman)

With or without projector/screen for video and images.

First Half

Beethoven                Coriolan Overture: introduction
Trad/Hersch              Sailors’ Hornpipe
Williams/Hersch       Devil’s Gallop meets Beethoven
Leroy Anderson       The Typewriter
Strauss/Hersch         Strauss Pizzicato Polka to Juggling
Hersch                      Symphony of Audience Sounds
Mozart                     Symphony No.40 – an analysis
Chopin/Hersch         Prelude No. 20 with Piano Sticks
Offenbach/Borge     Can Can
Varous                      Conducting Competition for Audience
Tchaikovsky/Grieg    Piano Concertos (excerpts)
Beethoven/Baker     Furry Lisa (a jazzy ‘Für Elise’)

Second Half

Rossini/Hersch         Wilhelm Tell Overture
Orff/Hersch              O Fortuna from Carmina Burana
Mozart etc                Singalong Classical Music
Beethoven                Turkish March
Beethoven/Baker      Ode to Joy Styles (audience decides)
Vivaldi, Ravel etc       Abbreviated Symphonic Music
Delibes                      Pizzicati from Sylvia (with audience percussionist)
Strauss/Hersch          Blue Danube Waltz (with orchestra choreography)


Boccherini/Hersch     Minuet


The man, the comedy and the music.

With or without projector/screen for video and images.

Rainer Hersch is piano soloist.

Music Includes items associated with Victor Borge and his orchestra show

Tchaikovsky              Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem
Dukas                       The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Smetana                   Dance of the Comedians
Debussy                   Claire de Lune (piano and orchestra)
Gershwin                  Medley (orchestra)
Offenbach                Can Can
Rachmaninoff           Prelude No.5 in G Minor (piano and orchestra)

Comedy Includes

Phonetic Punctuation
Inflationary Language
Upside Down Music
A Mozart Opera


The romance and fun of Vienna, brought to life by the music of the King of the Waltz and friends.

With Soprano.

First Half

Strauss                     II Ohne Sorgen
Strauss                     II Cuckoo Polka
Strauss                     II Roses from the South
Gounod                   Waltz Song from Romeo and Juliet (with Soprano)
Various/Hersch        Karaoke Orchestra
Strauss                     II Cachoucha-Calopp
Strauss                     II Fledermaus Overture
Franz Lehar              Vilia from The Merry Widow (with Soprano)
Strauss                     II Emperor Waltz
Strauss                     II Perpetuum Mobile
Strauss                     II Thunder and Lightning Polka

Second Half

Franz von Suppe     Light Cavalry Overture
Franz Lehar              Gold and Silver Waltz
Strauss                     II Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus (with Soprano)
Strauss                     II Lucifer Polka
Kreisler                     Schön Rosmarin
Arditi                        Il Bacio (with Soprano)
Waldteufel                Skaters Waltz
Gustav Peter             Circus Renz (Rainer Hersch Xylophone solo)
Strauss                      I Radetzky March


Strauss                      II Blue Danube
Strauss/Hersch          Radetzky March


or ‘The Last Night of the Proms…Ever’

From Land of Hope and Glory to the Royal Wedding – a high-spirited, flag-waving and downright cheeky take on everything British.

With projector/screen for video and images

With Soprano soloist.

First Half

Trad                          God Save the Queen (with Soprano)
Elgar                         Pomp and Circumstance No.4
Hersch                      Cinema Sounds
Hersch                      Elgar v. ABBA
Eric Coates               Dam Busters March
Trad/Hersch              Scotland the Brave
Trad/Hersch              Danny Boy (with Soprano)
Holst                         Jupiter from The Planets Suite 

Second Half

Trad/Hersch              Hornpipe ‘Jack’s the Lad’
Grainger/Hersch       Handel in the Strand (Rainer Hersch piano solo)
Arne                          Rule Britannia (with Soprano)
Henry Wood             Fantasia on British Sea Songs
Ronald Binge            Elizabethan serenade
Elgar                         Pomp and Circumstance No.1 (Land of Hope and Glory) 


Parry                           Jerusalem
Trad                            Auld Lang Syne


Chart Christmas number ones and cast-iron seasonal favourites. Terrific comic entertainment and festive cheer.

This programme uses projector and screen.

With male and female vocalists.

First Half

Slade                         Merry Xmas Everybody
Trad/Hersch              Old MacDonald Styles
Pierpont                    Jingle Bells
Dolly Parton              I Will Always Love You
Band Aid                   Do They Know It’s Christmas?
Elmo and Patsy         Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Queen                       Bohemian Rhapsody
Various/Baker           The History of the Singalong Medley

Second Half

Leroy Anderson       Sleigh Ride
Orff/Hersch              O Fortuna from Carmina Burana
Carson Parks            Something Stupid (with audience suggestions)
Irving Berlin              White Christmas
Hersch                      Conducting Competition for Audience
Rober L. May            Rudolph/Red Nosed Reindeer
Cohen                       Hallelujah
Trad                          12 Days of Christmas
Hersch/Baker            The ‘Ultimate’ Christmas No.1 “It Must Be Christmas”


Pachelbel/Baker        Pachelbel Canon Mashup
Various/Baker           The History of the Christmas No.1 Medley

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