Rainer Hersch’s ‘The Only Choral Album You’ll Ever Need 2’ (Download)

Comedy maestro Rainer Hersch conducts full chorus and orchestra in an hilarious performance, live from London’s Royal Festival Hall – a concert packed with great stand-up comedy, brilliant re-orchestrations and hysterical lyrics. The only choral album you’ll ever need? Probably not. But once you have heard it, we guarantee you’ll want to take all your others down the dump and skim them into the abyss like Oddjob from Goldfinger. You have been warned.



Rainer Hersch Conductor
The London Firebird Orchestra
Crouch End Festival Chorus
Christopher Turner Tenor
James Oldfield Bass-Baritone

On Easter Monday 2014 conductor and comedian Rainer Hersch stepped on to the stage at the Royal Festival Hall to join the 80-strong London Firebird Orchestra, the 60 members of the Crouch End Festival Chorus and two soloists. His aim: to hug, caress and generally ruffle the hair of some the greatest choral music ever written. Rainer and his cast weren’t on a tour. This was a gathering never to be repeated, a unique event. But now you can enjoy it for yourself on this CD or download.


  1. Ruslan and Ludmilla
  2. Beethoven intro
  3. Beethoven counting
  4. Karaoke orchestra
  5. The Choir
  6. PDQ Bach intro
  7. Missa Hilarious: Yriekay
  8. Missa Hilarious: Gloria
  9. Missa Hilarious: Credo
  10. Pachelbel intro
  11. Pachelbel’s Canon mash-up
  12. Toccata Mambo
  13. Sex bomb
  14. Opera statistics
  15. La donna è mobile ‘translated’
  16. Largo al factotum ‘translated’
  17. Choral Symphony intro
  18. Choral Symphony best bits


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