Rainer Hersch: The Ultimate Christmas No 1

A high quality download without sound effects. This is a fantastic brand new Christmas song featuring the best (and worst) of Christmas.

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Do all those weird perfume ads on TV drive you mad?
With every card a newsletter about kids you never see?
You’re Jews or Sikhs or Muslims but you’ve still bought a tree?
Is it wall to wall with carols they recorded last July?
Does every show on TV somehow feature Steven Fry?
Is someone you ain’t heard of switching on some special lights?
There’s no public transport - you’re forced to drink and drive?
When you pull your Christmas cracker, the snap thing does’t snap?
You hate marzipan and Brussels sprouts and you wear a silly hat?
Are you getting smashed on eggnog and trying to snog your boss?

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  1. Janet

    I just can’t stop singing this song! November 1, and I’m off to buy a tree, perfume, marzipan, and some Christmas crackers with the snappiest of snappers. IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS! Better get a start on my newsletter too. Season’s Greetings Rainer!

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