Christmas Lights

As he gets ready for another delightful dollop of his Christmas No.1 Singalong in Holborn, Rainer Hersch reminisces about another festival ritual.  It's bonkers, of course - well, it's Rainer, what do you expect? - but as traditional as brandy butter and mince pies…

A recorder virtuoso?

A recorder virtuoso!  You have got to be kidding. Forget London's Burning, when Piers Adams gets his chops round a descant recorder, sparks really start to fly because he is one of the world's greatest recorder players.

Book now for the Christmas Shows

Christmas shows with a difference as Rainer Hersch performs his hilarious Christmas No.1s Pop Singalong at one of London's favourite venues... Yes Holborn's Pizza Express Live - where top drawer entertainment is presented every night of the week - hosts his jamboree of classic UK Singles Chart Hits on December...

Sun, Snow and Tents

What's Rainer Hersch up to taking his Orkestra half way up a mountain to do a show in a tent...? Fancy a trip to Switzerland before Christmas? That where Rainer Hersch is heading together with his zany Orchestra on 6 December for the opening of the 27th Arosa Humorfestival - 11 days of snow and load laughter in the famous...

Your Favourite Christmas No.1s

Rainer Hersch can't resist a Pizza as he performs his hilarious Christmas show at one of London's favourite venues. Yes Holborn's Pizza Express Live hosts his jamboree of classic UK Singles-Chart Christmas No.1s. on Decmber 4th and 5th...

10 things you didn’t know about Victor Borge

Comedian and musician Rainer Hersch is appearing at London's beautiful Cadogan Hall on Friday 12 October with a brand new version of his comedy hit Rainer Hersch's Victor Borge.  You don't have to know anything about Borge to enjoy this ‘tear-streamingly funny’ tribute. But, if you have heard the name, how much do...

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