7 things you didn’t know about Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch is coming to town – on Saturday 31 December at 7pm to be precise – at London’s prestigious Cadogan Hall just off Sloane Square with his New Year’s Eve Bash.

But here are seven things you may not know about this comic maestro…

1. As a London schoolboy he ran the ‘Monty Python Appreciation Society’.  Embarrassing or what?

3. He studied Economics at university – definitely a mistake.

4. Rainer started moonlighting on the London comedy circuit telling jokes about flying.  And sex.  You know, normal stand-up stuff.

Rainer's comedy gig

5. At his first solo show, ’The Massed Bands of the Grenadier Guards and R.A.F. Fly-past + support’ a woman asked for a refund because there hadn’t actually been any Grenadier Guards or a single Fly-past in the show.

6. Appearing on the Edinburgh Fringe, Rainer presented ‘All Classical Music Explained’ – a guide to “How to play instruments without practicing”.

6. Rainer formed the Das Rainer Hersch Orkestra and started doing comedy on radio and TV. Now he has conducted more orchestras than you can wave a stick at.  Boom boom.

7. Although Rainer continues with his solo shows, making TV and radio programmes – mostly for the BBC –  he still dreams of doing the Monty Python ‘Argument Clinic’ sketch!

In The Rainer Hersch Orkestra and The New Year’s Eve Bash nothing is safe from the comic maestro as he whips through witty arrangements of the classics. Yes, it’s a classical concert Jim but not as we know it – all bound together with his award-winning stand-up comedy.

Whether you are a professor of harmony or couldn’t tell a string quartet from a string vest, this is ‘the funniest concert you’ll ever see’ Time Out

The Rainer Hersch Orkestra and The New Year’s Eve Bash is the perfect New Year’s Eve event for all the family.

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