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Corporate gig

Was auch immer Ihre Anforderungen sind, eine Zusammenarbeit mit Rainer Hersch ist eine lohnende und professionelle Erfahrung. Er wird Ihr Publikum unterhalten und engagieren mit einer anspruchsvollen und neuartigen Präsentationen. Seine shows verbinden alle Nationen, haben keine kontroversen oder anstößigen Inhalte und sind vor allem lustig. Rainer spricht fließend Deutsch, Englisch und kann auch auf Französisch und Spanisch präsentieren. Alle Programme können maßgeschneidert werden, um sich Ihren Anforderungen anzupassen, ob es sich um eine Industrie-Veranstaltung, Preisverleihung oder eine private Funktion handelt.

Rainer ist auch ein inspirierender Motivational Speaker für jedes Arbietsteam mit seinem Thema ‘Dirigenten als Führungspersonalität’.

Mit über 25 Jahren Erfahrung können Rainer und sein Team Ihnen helfen, Ihre Veranstaltung zu einem glänzender Erfolg zu machen.

Zu den ehemaligen Kunden gehören: Audi, AXA, Canon, Jaguar, Royal Bank of Scotland, SJ Berwin, Unilever, Volkswagen, Vorwerk, Zeus und viele mehr.

Das Rainer Hersch Orkestra

Auf der Bühne: 9-15 Musiker + Rainer Hersch
Dauer: Kurzprogramm: 60 Min ohne Pause. Vollprogramm: ein komplettes Konzert von 90 Min plus Pause

Brillanter Komediant und Meisterdirigent Rainer Hersch betritt die Bühne mit seinem Orkestra genialer Virtuosen. Mit Musik, stand-up Comedy und Rainer’s wunderbaren Arrangements der Klassiker von Tchaikovsky bis Titanic, bezaubern sie Ihr Publikum mit einem unvergesslichem Abend aus Lachen und großartiger Musik. 11 Millionen Aufrufe auf YouTube können sich nicht irren! Ein sehr populärer Höhepunkt ist immer wenn Rainer einen Zuschauer auf die Bühne bittet um das Orkestra zu dirigieren – mit sehr lustigen Ergebnissen.

“So eine Show haben Sie noch nie gesehen” Edinburgh Evening News

Keynote speaker

The Conductor as Leader


  • 60-75 mins

An entertaining, engaging and structured module focusing on leadership and what can business learn from a symphony orchestra. Using comedy, PowerPoint and plenty of musical examples Rainer explores the question of leadership as applied by a conductor. Starting simply on the theme ‘what the hell does a conductor actually do?’, Rainer goes on to touch on specific leadership challenges including:

  • Communication
  • Building trust
  • Teamwork
  • Working in collaboration
  • Encouraging passion and commitment
  • Creating and communicating a vision
  • Defining values
  • Leadership styles
  • Making best use of available resources
  • Managing the process of change
  • Guarding and enhancing the a reputation

The talk can run for up to 90 minutes and is available with or without 8 piece orchestra. 

Team Building

  • 4 to 9 Musicians + Rainer
  • Group size 30 – 1,000
  • 1 to 3 hours
Music brings your team together and explores skills they never knew they had.  The participants are divided into break-out groups, each of which rehearses a different element of a rock classic such as ‚Viva La Vida‘ by Coldplay or Leonard Cohen’s ‚Hallelujah‘.  The break-outs form choirs, percussion and other instrumental groups – rehearsing their own unique contribution to the song.  When they come back together for the final performance, the result is excitement and a hugely satisfying, inspiring finale.  This session uses 9 professional musicians/singers who are also tutors to the break-out groups.  It is led and conducted by Rainer.

Rainer Hersch’s Pops Singalong

  • 4 or 8 musicians + solo vocalist + Rainer
  • 10 mins to full 90 min performance with interval

Clap your hands, stamp your feet and sing, sing along as comic maestro Rainer presents a brilliant blend of stand-up comedy and classic pop hits. Terrific comic entertainment and irresistible singalong.

8 piece orchestra. 

Solo Entertainer, Presenter, Stand-up and Host

Rainer has written and presented countless programmes for the BBC, appeared thirteen times at the Edinburgh Festival, featured in comedy clubs all across Europe and in TV shows around the world.

He applies all this experience and material to full effect for your event. Using a keyboard, microphone and, if available, PowerPoint facilities he produces entertainment which is both funny and classy with music which is immediately recognisable.  Highlights include a sketch showing how classical composers stole their best ideas from TV ads, to explaining what singers are really singing in opera.  A typical set is 15 – 30 minutes.

These people love Rainer Hersch

„Rainer, standing ovations are something that our Nemo conference only gives once every few years but the one received on Saturday night, couldn’t have been more deserving to you & your orchestra. We had a wide age group to please & undoubtedly your brand/style of entertainment engages with your audience to ensure everyone goes away feeling good. Congratulations & very much appreciated.“

Adrian Wallis

, Nemo

“The mix of comedy and classical music was hugely entertaining and the auditorium was filled with laughter from start to finish. Our delegates not only had a brilliant time but they also left with fascinating insights on what conductors do as well as key takeaways on leadership and motivational techniques for teams.”

Johanna Reder

, Essensys

„Bloody brilliant! The standard of the party entertainment matched that of the whole event and was pitched perfectly for our audience of mixed roles and responsibilities and we all stood at the end begging for more! Real professional talent but in a totally fun and unpretentious format – it lifted all our spirits and made us laugh together. Pure genius.“

Mark Aitchison

, Frontier Agriculture

“Hugely entertaining and kept everyone engaged after a long day of presentations and information sessions. Rainer combines music and comedy with some very original perspectives on leadership and motivation. Quite unique!”

Jane Foster

, Lancaster University Management School

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