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‘All Classical Music Explained – Live’: Rainer Hersch's clever solution to a tricky problem. Ever wondered what Mozart stole from ABBA? Why is organ music so boring? What do conductors actually do? It's all here - live and in hilarious form. 

Twenty tracks cover everything from reading music to grand opera. With hundreds of ridiculous musical examples and corruptions this fast moving hour of comedy is set to become a classic. "Not since Victor Borge has a musician-comedian raised the roof with such continuous laughter" (The Post, South Africa). Whether you are an Emeritus Professor of music or can't tell a string quartet from a string vest 'All Classical Music Explained' is guaranteed to teach you...nothing. But it will make you laugh.

This is a compilation of some of the audio friendly routines which I have been performing around the world and on BBC Radio and TV over the last five years. Thus, each joke has been hand crafted; each punch-line buffed to the peak of perfection. It is my first album and I have taken a lot of time and trouble to make it beautiful, interesting and - above all - funny. I hope very much you enjoy it.” Rainer Hersch

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[ Arrival of the QoS ] MP3 - 89KB

[ Mozart – ABBA ] MP3 - 89KB

“Victor Borge for a new generation” Sunday Times, August, 2002

“Rainer Hersch's 'All Classical Music Explained' is just plain brilliant” Montreal Gazette, June, 2003

“Victor Borge meets Gerard Hoffnung with some cheeky stand-up humour thrown in for good measure” The Times, July, 2004

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