DVD: Rainer Hersch's April Fools day concert 2013

At a sold-out Royal Festival Hall, London, Rainer brings together stars of music and comedy to produce an evening of inspired humour and musical mayhem.  Rainer’s guests include the iconic Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, virtuoso comedian and impressionist Alistair McGowan, pianistic superstar Marc-André Hamelin and brilliant soprano-cabarettist Lindsay Sutherland Boal.  A guaranteed laugh every four bars.  

‘The funniest concert you’ll ever see” Time Out, London

Chapters: 1. Tuning 2. Introduction and God Save The Queen 3. William Tell Overture 4. Introducing the orchestra 5. Karaoke Choral Symphony 6. Laughing Song ‘translated’ 7. Abbreviated Classical Music 8. French introduction 9. Colonel Bogey 10. Alistair McGowan stand-up 11. ‘A More Humane Mikado’ 12. Hornpipe clapping 13. Beethoven Choral Symphony Variations 14. Audience glockenspiel 15. UOGB and orchestra 16. UOGB solo 17. Bizet Grand Finale 18. Titles.

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CD: All classical music Explained LIve!

‘All Classical Music Explained – Live’: Rainer Hersch's clever solution to a tricky problem. Ever wondered what Mozart stole from ABBA? Why is organ music so boring? What do conductors actually do? It's all here - live and in hilarious form. 

Twenty tracks cover everything from reading music to grand opera. With hundreds of ridiculous musical examples and corruptions this fast moving hour of comedy is set to become a classic. "Not since Victor Borge has a musician-comedian raised the roof with such continuous laughter" (The Post, South Africa). Whether you are an Emeritus Professor of music or can't tell a bar line from a bar stool 'All Classical Music Explained' won’t teach you anything. But it will make you laugh, really laugh.

“Rainer Hersch's 'All Classical Music Explained' is just plain brilliant” Montreal Gazette

Tracks: 1. Arrival 2. Introductions 3. Musical Tests 4. Every Good Boy Deserves Footballs 5. Playing the Piano 6. Classical Music Is All Nicked 7. Pop Music 8. Glenn Gould 9. Beethoven’s Geese et al. 10 Scales 11. Piano Concertos 12. Rachmaninov and The Entertainer 12a. Vinyl, Cassettes, CDs 14. Stradivarius 15. Messiah 16. Comic Opera Deaths 17. What Are They Singing About In Opera? 18. Abbreviated Music 19. Girl With The Flaxen Hair 20. Land of Hope and Glory

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